A scientific diagram that describes bat and pitcher plant mutualism.

+It/They & Neos (Sometimes)
-Gay, Nonbinary Trans, Aroacespec, and Polyam
-Autistic, ADHD, and Mentally Ill (Borderline, Bipolar)
-Alterhuman (Othervague Dog, Bat Therian, and Ralsei Kin + Many Others)
-Secular Ashkenazi Jewish
-Dating Skylar <3 (10/8/2020) and metamour of Celeste and Lykie

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-Ennegram 4w5
-♒︎ Sun, ♈︎ Moon, ♌︎ Rising
-Witch of Heart


An image of a tiny Audrey II

main/special interests
-little shop of horrors
-carnivorous plants
other interests
-sonic the hedgehog
-rhythm heaven
-animal crossing
-second life
-danganronpa (except v3)
-homestuck/hiveswap/vast error
-tokusatsu (mainly kaiju/ultraman)
-electric dreams (1984)
-my little pony (g1-g4)
-aquatic life
-furbies / robot pets
-animatronics (cec & rae mainly)
-neopets/virtual pets
-webcore/scenecore/old web
-old tech
-conlangs (especially toki pona)
-clowns (especially clown dolls)
-fursuits/yuru kyara/mascot costumes
tag/send me
-lsoh fanart/content (any and all)
-fun judaism posts
-weird looking angels (seraphim, ophanim, ect.)
-carnivorous plants
-anything you think i'll like if you send me something i'll love you

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i don't have a standard dni but i do have some opinions that i'd like stated. hopefully this gets the point across. if not, I use the block button liberally <3opinions:-im a queer inclusionist. aspecs are queer; polyams, intersex people, and two-spirits can self-label themselves as queer; you don't need dysphoria to be trans; pronouns/presentation =/= gender; i support pan and other non-bi mspecs, mspec gays and lesbians, non-lesbian butches and femmes, multigender people, xenogenders, neolabels, and neopronouns; im against strict queer boxes and policing people on their identity-I support objectum/conceptum/posic+ people, plus otherkin/therians/alterhumans/nonhumans.-it is wrong to romanticize pedophilia / zoophilia / incest / rape / abuse (even in fiction)-not all coping methods or kinks are healthy-sex work is work, sex and kink is an important part of queer history-there's no such thing as narcissistic/borderline/[insert demonized mental illness] abuse, no mental illness makes someone inherently evil-blm, acab, free palestine, stop asian hate, land backcontinued

Before You Follow

please be aware that:-i use the word "queer". if you don't like that word, mute it or don't follow-i reblog/retweet a lot and hit post limit (on tumblr) regularly, be warned.-i post some nsfw text, a LOT of swearing, and rt/rb posts with slurs-i post politics so if you don't like seeing them I don't suggest following-i use my likes as bookmarks and very rarely will like personal posts/replies. this does not mean i don't care about what you post!-i clean out my likes every few weeks or so, please do not be hurt if i unlike an old post of yoursplease dont:-overuse tone indicators with me, they can be useful but the overuse of them is very infantilizing and annoyingconsider not following if:-one of my interests is a trigger of yours-you are audrey ii! this is my fictional other and ultimate comfort character so it would probably be weird for both of us-you really like korekiyo shinguji. i heavily dislike this character and will probably block you if i see him talked about regularly-you like hazbin hotel/helluva boss. I'm probably just going to block you for this unless we're already friends sorry, just a big squick of mineother:-if I do something wrong or rt/rb from / follow someone bad PLEASE DM me (with evidence)-if you no longer want to be mutuals, please softblock. id greatly appreciate it instead of just unfollowing-i block people regularly for a variety of reasons. i'm not going to remember why i blocked you. don't askback




A picture of jentha

jentha briati (vast error)

A drawing of an archen

archen (pokemon)

A drawing of a mimikyu

mimikyu (pokemon)

A picture of Pikachu phd

pikachu phd (pokemon)

A picture of tv fish, a skeletal ghost fish with an antennae tv for a head

tv fish (gregory horror show)

Fictional Others

Kin Others

A drawing of a mudbray

sawyer (mudbray, pokemon, archen pmd canon)

A drawing of a maractus

??? (maractus, pokemon, archen pmd canon)

Comfort Characters

*note: kins and fictional others are mixed in here

A picture of audrey ii

audrey ii (little shop of horrors)

A picture of gulliver

gulliver (animal crossing)

A picture of tyzias

tyzias entykk (friendsim)

A picture of turnin

turnin kaikai (vast error)

A picture of june

june egbert (homestuck)

A pixel image of ralsei

ralsei (deltarune)

A picture of sleepy sheep

sleepy sheep (gregory horror show)

A picture of toko

toko fukawa (danganronpa)

A picture of komaru

komaru naegi (danganronpa)

A picture of gamera

gamera (gamera series)

A picture of mothra

mothra (godzilla series)

A picture of Biollante attacking godzilla

biollante (godzilla series)