-Vurren/Vurr (Or fursonas' names)
-Gay and Nonbinary
-19 (2/9/2000)
-Autistic and Mentally Ill
-Agnostic with Jewish Descent
-Chaotic Neutral



current special interests
-gregory horror show
-smile for me

general interests
-nintendo (mostly smash bros, rhythm heaven & animal crossing)
-second life
-ducktales '17/the three caballeros
-mob psycho 100
-little shop of horrors
-vintage cartoons
-yuru kyara

tag me
-kins (archen, mimikyu, goats, ect.)
-fictional others/comfort characters (monokuma, audrey ii, iggy koopa, piranha plant, ect.)
-worm on a string
-carnivorous plants

Before You Follow

block / do not interact if

-you're racist / fascist / ableist / sexist
-you're homo / bi / pan / trans / aphobic
-you're a terf / swerf / truscum / exclusionist
-you're a truscum / transmed / anti-mogai
-you use triggered / helicopter / ect. jokes
-you are against otherkin / fictionkin / therians
-you are pro-cringe culture / anti-self inserts / anti-self shipping
-you are ok with pedophillia / zoophillia / incest / rape (yes, even in fictional ships)
-you use slurs (unless you're reclaiming)
-you identify as factkin
-you believe blm / antifa are terrorist groups
-you think reverse racism/cisphobia/hetphobia exists
-you're pro-capitalist
-you're over 18 and ship yourself with underage characters

ask to follow if

-you know / think you know me in real life

please be aware that

-im bad with sarcasm and understanding the tone of some posts
-I RT a lot of posts on my main twitter. Feel free to mute RTs
-I don't have energy to tag posts on my tumblr. if you have a lot of triggers please be wary of following
- I post a lot of nsfw text
-I cannot keep up with every bad person, if someone I've interacted with has done something wrong please DM me with proof
-I am uncomfortable with vegan/kin discourse and past lives/reincarnation. You can talk about them still but please don't in one on one conversations unless I bring it up first.


___________Literally Me/ID___________

Gabber, roach, pk, bel, and worm (fursonas)

archen (pokemon)

goatkin (white or black)

demonkin (NOT baphomet)


anon (fursona)

pikachu phd (pokemon)

mimikyu / shiny mimikyu (pokemon)

worm on a string (worm on a string)


rowlet line (pokemon)

oricorio except pa'u style (pokemon)

shiny chatot (pokemon)

sleepy sheep (gregory horror show)

ralsei (deltarune)

nyao (cat traveler)



fancy pigeonkin


tv fish (gregory horror show)

extyrannomon (digimon)

yagi-chan (yagi the goat)

kuro-chan (yagi the goat)

dawn (pokemon diamond/pearl/platinum)

unicornkin (white)


mako makanshoku (kill la kill)

komaru naegi (dangan ronpa)

haruhi fujioka (ouran high school host club)

oswald the lucky rabbit (disney/epic mickey)

crona (soul eater)

Fictional Others


Monokuma (danganronpa)

Audrey II (little shop of horrors)

mudbray (pokemon)

maractus (pokemon)

mangle (five nights at freddy's)


iggy koopa (mario bros.)

Hell's Taxi (gregory horror show)

Fictional crushes

Cagney Carnation (cuphead)

blanca (animal crossing)

vibri (vib ribbon)

petey piranha (mario bros.)

piranha plant (mario bros.)

bowser (mario bros.)

zero jr. (zero escape)

Jose Carioca (the three caballeros)

Snatcher (a hat in time)

psycrow (earthworm jim)

Funeral of the Dead Butterflies (lobotomy corporation)

Comfort Characters

Giratina (pokemon)

Scolipede (pokemon)

Reshiram (pokemon)

Blacephalon (pokemon)

landorus therian form (pokemon)

Carnivine (pokemon)

Phear Lap (cuphead)

Dragonfly (Cuphead)

Luci (disenchantment)

Felix the Cat (felix the cat)

Isabelle (animal crossing)

Sorayan (Yuru Kyara)