A scientific diagram that describes bat and pitcher plant mutualism.

-22 (2/9/2000)
-Gay, Nonbinary Trans, Aspec, and Polyam
-Autistic and Mentally Ill (Borderline, Bipolar)
-Alterhuman (Othervague Dog, Demonkin, Bat Therian, and Ralsei Kin + Many Others)
-Secular Ashkenazi Jewish
-Theistic Satanist/Demonolater/???
-Taken by Jas <3 (10/8/2020)

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-Ennegram 4w5
-♒︎ Sun, ♈︎ Moon, ♌︎ Rising
-Witch of Heart


An image of a tiny Audrey II

main/special interests
-little shop of horrors
-carnivorous plants
-electric dreams (1984)
other interests
-rhythm heaven
-animal crossing
-second life
-danganronpa (except v3)
-homestuck/hiveswap/vast error
-tokusatsu (mainly kaiju/ultraman)
-my little pony (g1-g4)
-aquatic life
-furbies / robot pets
-animatronics (cec mainly)
-neopets/virtual pets
-webcore/scenecore/old web
-old tech
-conlangs (especially toki pona)
-clowns (especially clown dolls)
-fursuits/yuru kyara/mascot costumes
-halloween (the holiday)
tag/send me
-lsoh fanart/content (any and all)
-demons (especially baphomet, stolas, and other goetic demons. no vivzie shit please)
-weird looking angels (seraphim, ophanim, ect.)
-carnivorous plants
-comfort characters
-any (positive) objectum content
-anything you think i'll like if you send me something i'll love you

Before You Follow

i don't have a standard dni but i do have some opinions that i'd like stated. hopefully this gets the point across.opinions:-im a queer inclusionist. aspecs are queer; polyams, intersex people, and two-spirits can self-label themselves as queer; you don't need dysphoria to be trans; pronouns/presentation =/= gender; i support pan and other non-bi mspecs, mspec gays and lesbians, non-lesbian butches and femmes, xenogenders, neolabels, and neopronouns; im against strict queer boxes and policing people on their identity-I support objectum/conceptum/posic+ people, plus otherkin/therians/alterhumans/nonhumans.-it is wrong to romanticize pedophilia / zoophilia / incest / rape / abuse (even in fiction)-not all coping methods or kinks are healthy-sex work is work, kink is an important part of queer history-there's no such thing as narcissistic/borderline/[insert demonized mental illness] abuse, no mental illness makes someone inherently evil-blm, acab, free palestine, stop asian hate, land backcontinued

Before You Follow

please be aware that:-i use the word "queer". if you don't like that word, mute it or don't follow-i reblog/retweet a lot and hit post limit (on tumblr) regularly, be warned.-i post some nsfw text, a LOT of swearing, and may sometimes rt/rb posts with slurs-i post politics so if you don't like seeing them I don't suggest following-i use my likes as bookmarks and very rarely will like personal posts/replies. this does not mean i don't care about what you post!-i clean out my likes every few weeks or so, please do not be hurt if i unlike an old post of yoursplease dont:-overuse tone indicators with me, they can be useful sometimes but the overuse of them is very infantilizing and annoyingconsider not following if:-one of my interests is a trigger of yours-you are monokuma, audrey ii, gulliver (ac), turnin kaikai, or tyzias entykk! these are my fictional others so it would probably be weird for both of us-you really like korekiyo shinguji. i heavily dislike this character and will probably block you if i see him talked about regularly-you like hazbin hotel. I'm probably just going to block you for this sorryother:-if I do something wrong or rt/rb from / follow someone bad PLEASE DM me (with evidence preferably)-if you no longer want to be mutuals, please softblock. id greatly appreciate it instead of just unfollowing-i block people regularly for a variety of reasons. i'm not going to remember why i blocked you. don't askplease tag/dont mention if you can:
-korekiyo shinguji
-the monokubs
-kralsei (kris x ralsei)
-incest mentions
-irl cults
-the holocaust




A picture of jentha

jentha briati (vast error)

A drawing of an archen

archen (pokemon)

A drawing of a mimikyu

mimikyu (pokemon)

A picture of Pikachu phd

pikachu phd (pokemon)

A picture of oz

oz (monster prom)

A picture of tv fish, a skeletal ghost fish with an antennae tv for a head

tv fish (gregory horror show)

A picture of an eleking, an ultraman kaiju resembling a cow eel

eleking (ultraman)

Fictional Others

Kin Others

A drawing of a mudbray

sawyer (mudbray, pokemon, archen pmd canon)

A drawing of a maractus

??? (maractus, pokemon, archen pmd canon)

Comfort Characters

*note: kins and fictional others are mixed in here

A picture of monokuma

monokuma (danganronpa)

A picture of audrey ii

audrey ii (little shop of horrors)

A picture of gulliver

gulliver (animal crossing)

A picture of tyzias

tyzias entykk (friendsim)

A picture of turnin

turnin kaikai (vast error)

A picture of june

june egbert (homestuck)

A pixel image of ralsei

ralsei (deltarune)

A picture of sleepy sheep

sleepy sheep (gregory horror show)

A picture of shirokuma

shirokuma (danganronpa)

A picture of kurokuma

kurokuma (danganronpa)

A picture of toko

toko fukawa (danganronpa)

A picture of komaru

komaru naegi (danganronpa)

A picture of gamera

gamera (gamera series)

A picture of mothra

mothra (godzilla series)

A picture of Biollante attacking godzilla

biollante (godzilla series)

A picture of chixie

chixie roixmr (friendsim)

A picture of daraya

daraya jonjet (friendsim)

A picture of Petey piranha

petey piranha (mario bros.)

A picture of a piranha plant

piranha plant (mario bros.)

A picture of Iggy koopa

iggy koopa (mario bros.)

A picture of haruhi

haruhi fujioka (ouran high school host club)

A picture of vibri

vibri (vib ribbon)

tasque manager (deltarune)
crona (soul eater)
vee (the owl house)
dawn (pokemon dppt)
pochiko (pop 'n music)
mako makanshoku (kill la kill)
virovirokun (deltarune)
chirin (chirin's bell)
carmilla (fresh meat)
modeus (helltaker)
rockruff (pokemon)

Comfort Ships

A picture of panchito and Jose kissing donald

junevrisrezi (june x vriska x terezi) (homestuck)

A picture of komaru and toko together

turnren (turnin x racren) (vast error)

A picture of komaru and toko together

tokomaru (toko x komaru) (danganronpa)

A picture of komaru and toko together

omniship (mane 6 polycule) (mlp:fim)

A picture of panchito and Jose kissing donald

three gay caballeros (jose x panchito x donald) (the three caballeros)


^^ = cagneycarnationstan email
^^^ = gabbergardenia email
^^^^ = demonkinnie email

Dream Urls

archen / archens
sleepysheep OR sleepy-sheep


An image of big bang monokuma

___________toho kaiju___________
godzilla 1954 - completed
godzilla vs biollante - completed
godzilla against mechagodzilla - completed
godzilla: final wars - completed
___________other kaiju___________
gamera: guardian of the universe - completed
gamera the brave - completed
pacific rim - completed
ultra q - in progress (10/28)
ultraman tiga - next to watch
mega monster battle: ultra galaxy legends the movie - completed
ultraman orb - completed
ultraman orb the movie - completed
ultraman geed - completed
ultraman geed the movie - completed
ultraman z - completed
ultra galaxy fight: the absolute conspiracy - completed
ultraman trigger - in progress (8/??)


___________video games___________
animal crossing
rhythm heaven
howl's moving castle
little shop of horrors
the cat returns
who framed roger rabbit
wolf children
bojack horseman
mob psycho 100
my little pony
the owl house